At several locations throughout the world DL PLASTICS B.V. delivers and installs plastics for leak proof undersealing of storage tanks, oil tanks and tank parks for various clients in the oil and petrochemical industry. Typically, a crew of specially trained plastic processing staff using a very high quality HDPE foil with a thickness of 2 mm or more, which is rolled out on site, welded, tested for leak proofing and which is, after approval, of course delivered leak proof. By welding a sump in the foil incorporating a welded control drain, the bottom of the tank can be checked for leak proofing and damage to the environment can be prevented. We also deliver a leak detection pit.

DL PLASTICS B.V. is KIWA certified. DL PLASTICS B.V.’s crew of specialists is VCA** certified and holds a Quality Service (Q.S. Inspection B.V.) welding qualification.

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