Tanks, Silos, Liners & Covers

Tanks & Silos

DL-Water storage tanks/silos

Water storage silos from DL Plastics B.V. are very suitable for storage of drinking water or for storage of water for irrigation in agri- and horticulture. The most vital parts of a water storage silo are the corrugated zinc or galvanized steel panels, the bolts, washers and nuts, the nonwoven fleece for protection and the DL-Tankliner. Water storage tanks of DL Plastics B.V. are available in various diameters and heights with a capacity up to 4.000.000 liters. The maximum diameter is more than 40 meters and the maximum height is 5.32 meters (7 rings).

On the basis of the tank diameter and the tank height a calculation will be made to determine the thickness of the steel panels. To reduce the weight of the steel panels to the minimum and to obtain the maximum strength, a special engineered machine is used and the flat galvanized or zinc coated steel plates will be corrugated and equipped with the holes for mounting the bolts. This method of corrugation makes the steel silo 9 times stronger than flat steel.

“All our silos are equipped with the CE mark”

To ensure the silos are waterproof they have to be equipped on the inside with a DL-Tankliner. DL-Tankliners are welded by certified specialists in our own factory, in any desired size. All DL-Tankliners are made from very high quality flexible plastics such as PVC, LDPE, FPP, EPDM and now also available. Since the introduction of our latest material DELAFLEX® over 90% of our liners is made with DelafleX with 15 years linear warranty in European climates or similar.

Water storage tanks of DL Plastics B.V. are:

• Very conveniently priced
• High quality materials
• Fast delivery
• Easy to transport
• Easy to move and remove
• No heavy Foundation needed
• Install on almost every flat surface
• Easy to assemble and install manually

Transit Pipes and Sealing Rings

In accordance with the client’s wishes transit pipes and or sealing rings of varying diameters can be fitted into the Tankliner in our factory or they can be supplied separately. In the latter case assembly kits will supplied. Should at any time unforeseen damage occur to your Tankliner, you can order kits from us so that you may carry out repairs yourself.


A warranty for several years applies on basis of depreciated value. It also depends on which quality of material is ordered.

Time of delivery

We can deliver our Tankliners at short notice within 10 to 15 working days.

Assembly on location

Our mechanics are highly skilled and are both KIWA and VCA certified to professionally assemble our products with warranty.

Tanks & Silo covers

DL Plastics can deliver the following covers and anti-algae covers:

Anti-algae cover

The DL-ANTI-ALGAE Cover is made in our factory using a PP fabric of about 190 grams up to 300 grams per m² and is extremely suitable as cover for basins and tanks. Our Anti Algae Cover Blocks sunlight to protect against UV light and will prevent most of the forming of algae. This will also protect the liner against birds and other animals.


A DELAFLOAT is manufactured using high quality polyolefin materials. The material consists of two layers (one side colored white) with small air-filled pockets which allow for excellent floating capacity. Because of the shape of the bubbles the DelafloaT creates a vacuum on the water reducing the impact of the wind on the DelafloaT.

The white top layer reflects the UV rays, protecting the water from the sun and heat.

We also can deliver an optional tubing for the edges that can be attached using special clips. This tubing is recommended in areas where there is a lot of wind or where there are a lot of wind vortexes due to high construction.


After a long period of extensive testing, DL PLASTICS B.V. developed a new cover for Tanks and Silos. The "DL-Aircover". The DL-Aircover is extremely suitable as a top sealing of all type of Tanks and Silos made of Steel, Wood or Concrete.

The DL-Aircover is made of very high quality Polyester reinforced PVC fabric, certified by KIWA. For stability and support a telescopic middle column can be installed under the DL-Aircover. The correct shape and stable construction of the DL-Aircover is achieved by a fan that blows air continuously under the cover.

Silo covers and Silo caps

Assembly, supply and installation of the tensile structures to cover storage silos is one of our standard procedures, daily performed in our factory. Our group of highly skilled employees have followed various courses and trainings for processing and editing of various types of plastics. Some of them have over 30 years of experience and knowledge with assembling and welding polyester reinforced PVC foils. These silos are used for the storage of: drinking water, waste water, manure, oil, chemicals and other liquids and even solid dry substances.

The so called span caps or silo caps are used as a top cover for wooden, steel and concrete silos to prevent that rainwater gets into the silo, or to prevent that toxic gases, or other harmful substance get spread in the environment. It’s also used to prevent bad odor and poison emulsion to help keep the air that we humans and animals need to live a lot healthier and pleasant.

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