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Working method and various materials

DL PLASTICS B.V. is a technical and high-quality globally operational plastics processing factory. Our specialists have over 30 years knowledge and experience in handling various types of plastics. We manufacture and install plastic sealing systems, for instance, for landfills, soil clearance areas, water and liquid storage basins, manure and sludge storage basins, steel tanks and silos, oil tanks and oil tank parks, chemical and petrochemical industry, silo covers, concrete protection, flood protection and anti-growth screens.

Our qualified specialists process the materials in our factory and on site using state of the art machines to the highest quality and safety standards, so that the density/ leak proofing of the structure and the system ensure the maximum lifespan.

Each application, large or small, is very carefully studied by DL Plastics B.V., when necessary in conjunction with an engineering firm, in order to produce a working strategy. This plan will be presented to the client and after approval we guarantee a very fast execution and completion of the work.

Assembly and inspections may be conducted in cooperation with the appropriate accredited bodies according to current standards and protocols.


Processing of the materials takes place in a well-equipped factory and is executed by qualified personnel. We apply the most advanced processing techniques, using highly sophisticated equipment. The prefabricated materials made in our factory are delivered on site in as large as possible prefabricated parts. When necessary these prefabricated parts are welded on location to infinite dimensions by our own installation service using mobile welding and testing equipment. To ensure high quality, special implementing protocols have been developed for most materials and finished products.


Leak proof control of the materials and welding control are undertaken by our own inspectors. Before the materials leave our factory and during the execution of the work, strict supervision is undertaken to ensure quality and, according to standard requirements, tests are performed. With regards to the material, processing, execution, welding and testing, special protocols and test reports are in place that are carefully observed by our specialists. The test results are noted on the required forms, and together with the project documentation and drawings added to the final reportage, which will be transferred to the client after completion.

Proper execution of the work and a complete monitoring reporting line, from raw material to final delivery, is the guarantee for a perfect functioning high quality finished article, not only for us but for you as a client as well.

Delivery programme of materials and applications

• HDPE, VLDPE and PP foil to be used for undersealing of: tank parks, wastewater and manure basins, landfills, soil and sludge depots.

• Profiled or roughened HDPE and VLDPE foil for slopes, channels and landfill capping.

• DL Geomembranes HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, LLDPE, PVC, FPO, TPO and PP foil.

• DL T-Lining concrete protection in PVC, CPE, HDPE, LDPE and PP.

• DL Anchoring Plate HDPE, PVDF and PP for concrete protection in wastewater treatment plants and sewage treatment plants (WWTPs and STPs) and chemical waste depots.

• DL Renovation Lining in HDPE or PVC for existing damaged concrete or steel.

• DLPHS Hotspray flexible lining adheres to virtually any surface.

• DL Delaflex® unstrengthened foil for tank liners, liners, bags for liquid storage.

• DL Geotextiles fabric and membranes (Woven and Non Woven) for soil stabilization, erosion, filtration and protection of foil.

• DL Vertical isolation screens with single and double locking system.

• DL Cover systems, tension covers and floating covers for silos for sewage and wastewater, and manure, sludge, and water storage basins.

• DL PVC reinforced foil for covers, bags and roofs.

• DL PVC/ASTRYN (not reinforced foil) for tankliners, covers and bags.

We offer you the above mentioned materials as complete systems from engineering to final delivery.

If you have any questions or problems regarding sealing systems for the environment and industry, DL Plastics B.V.’s engineering and research department will always find a solution!Geotextiles

PP membrane

Application: protective felt, filter material, separating layer, etc.

Polypropylene Non-Woven are water permeable membranes which have many applications such as protective felt in swimming pools and ponds, filter material or as a separating layer. PP membrane is available in weight classifications varying from 150-2000 grams of per m², depending on the application.

Advantages of PP non-woven: high resistance to mechanical damage, easy to handle, strong, durable and sand-proof. This material is white in colour.

PP textile (woven)

Application: anti-root growth cover, anti-algae cover, protection cover, embankment cover.

Woven PolyPropylene as well as its non woven variant, has many applications. PP textile is available in different weights and depending on its weight can be used as anti-root cover, anti-algae cover, woven protection cover or embankment cover. Advantages: strong to very strong, sand-proof, water permeable, easy to process.

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