Swimming Pools

A swimming pool from DL PLASTICS B.V. provides that year-round holiday feeling.

DL PLASTICS B.V. provides complete swimming pools, from digging to finishing the sides, from liner to cover and from filter installation to heating.

For waterproofing your custom made swimming pool we supply and fit a wide choice of pool liners in a variety of colours, patterns and thickness. Our swimming pool liner is a very special quality PVC liner, with high resistance to chlorine and U.V. rays.

In our factory we prefabricate swimming pools in various sizes, shapes and colours. These swimming pools are made of thick HDPE plates and are delivered by lorry as one complete plastic unit allowing for a very short installation time.

To maintain a comfortable temperature of your swimming pool water, we supply various floating covers. These first rate insulating materials are custom made in our factory and fitted with the necessary tapes and floats and are delivered and installed with or without a reel.

Your swimming pool is available in any shape, both indoors and outdoors. The top edge can be finished with special coping stones, wood or plastic/wood, available in various colours. Your complete swimming pool including filter installation and all necessary equipment is installed by our own specialised staff. We also supply a wide range of pool accessories and components such as pumps, water treatment products, cleaning products and various leisure articles.

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