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Basins for waterstorage and ponds

Tankliners for watersilo’s and waterstorage
Tanks and Silo's

Tanks en Silo’s

DL-Water storage tanks/silos

Water storage tanks of DL Plastics B.V. are ideally suited for the storage of drinking water or water for irrigation in agriculture and horticulture. The main components of a water storage tanks are the corrugated zinc or galvanized steel panels, the bolts, washers and nuts, the nonwoven fleece for protection and the DL-Tankliner.

Water storage tanks of DL Plastics B.V. are available in various diameters and heights with a capacity up to 4,000,000. liters.

On base of the tank diameter and the tank height a calculation will be made to determine the thickness of the steel panels.

To reduce the weight of the steel panels to the minimum and to obtain the maximum strength, with a special engineered machine the flat galvanized or zinc coated steel plates will be corrugated and equipped with the holes for mounting the bolts. For the guaranty and to create of the waterproof storage tank, a DL-Tankliner must be installed.

DL-Tankliners are welded by certified specialists in our own factory, on any desired size. All DL-Tankliners are made from very high quality flexible plastics such as PVC, LDPE, FPP, EPDM and from now on also available, the very latest material DELAFLEX® 15 years guaranteed.

For sealing the DL- Water storage tank we produce the following covers;
- DL - Anti-Algae cover.
- DL - Air-float.
- DL - Air-cover.
- DL - Polyester reinforced PVC structure cover.
- DL - Steel Roof.

Water storage tanks of DL Plastics B.V. guaranteed:
- Very conveniently priced.
- Super quality materials.
- Fast delivery.
- Easy to transport.
- No heavy Foundation needed.
- Easy to move and remove.
- To install on almost every flat surface.
- Easy to assemble and install manually.

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