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Basins for waterstorage and ponds

Tankliners for watersilo’s and waterstorage
Tanks and Silo's



15 year warranty

DL Plastics B.V. has been known for many years as
a supplier and manufacturer of high quality plastic
materials and finished products.
In our private factory our certified professionals use
the latest welding equipment and we are yearly
producing thousands of liners for waterproofing of
tanks or silos for water storage and also hundreds of
waterproofing membranes for water lagoons. These
high quality products are traded in the Netherlands
and also exported to all parts of the world.

At this moment there are a few standard materials used for these application like;
flexible PVC, FPP and LDPE lining.

Most famous problems by using these standard
materials are leakage caused by recirculation water or
influence of UV light (Sun) or damage due to wind.

After years of research there is developed a new
f lexible Liner who viewed on the test results is better
suited for these applications.
The test results show us that this extremely high
quality material is better resistance against influence
of UV (Sun) light and more resistant to high
mechanical stress and more resistance against
damage due to wind.

We introduce the revolutionary DELAFLEX® Lining with

15 year warranty

DELAFLEX® Liners custom made for all types and
brands of tanks or silos.

DELAFLEX® waterproofing membranes for lagoons
on mega large dimensions.

DELAFLEX® Lining is available in 0.6 mm and 1.0 mm
thickness and DELAFLEX® is welded by
DL Plastics B.V. in accordance with guidelines
of the KIWA BRL-K 537.

We also supply and fix the complete steel tank,
silo, liner, anti-algae cover and floating cover or steel
roof at your location.
On request we will send you our complete price list
without any obligation.

order now and experience the quality

De Wissel 15
9076 PT Sint-Annaparochie
The Netherlands
T +31(0) 518409700